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King Soopers Community Rewards

The LHS - IBPA participates in the King Soopers Community Rewards program to help you earn credit towards AP and IB exams.  Follow the process below to earn your rewards.

The program allows you to earn up to 5% of your purchases at King Soopers towards your IB and AP test fees.  It is similar to the gift card program you may have used in the past. The new program does not require re-loadable cards, simply register your loyalty card at and start earning rewards for Lakewood IBPA. King Soopers does not provide individually identifying information  to the LHS - IBPA.  You are responsible to complete the process below to let us know about your earnings.  You must let us know each quarter what you earned the previous quarter. 

1) Register your rewards card now to start earning!
Follow the instructions provided by King Soopers here.  Note that you will need the NPO number for the LHS - IBPA, which is PY624.  You can also search for us under Lakewood High IBPA.

2) Let us know how much you earned each quarter
Complete this form including a screen shot of your community rewards earnings.  All screen shots must include your name, earnings amount, and date taken. King Soopers will post your earnings for the previous calendar quarter by around the 15th day of the following quarter i.e. earnings from January through March will be posted on or around April 15.  You may only request credit for earnings in the immediate previous calendar quarter until the end of that quarter i.e. first quarter earnings credit may only be requested from April 15 to June 30.  For complete instructions on how to log into your account and take a screen shot click here

3) Check your balance
​Click here to find your current balance of funds earned.  You will need to know your family number.  This number will be provided to you when your rewards credit is validated by the administrator.  The family number will not have changed from the previous program.

4) Use your earnings
​Juniors and Seniors will automatically have their program balance credited towards IB testing fees when they are calculated in the late fall each year.  Pre-IB and IB students should complete the AP Exam Reimbursement Request form below to be reimbursed for APHG, APUSH, or other AP exam fees that you have already paid.


You must be a member of the LHS - IBPA to be able to use the funds earned each year.  That application can be done here and your $20 fee paid online OR you can request that $20 be taken from your fundraiser earnings and applied to your IBPA membership. 

​Looking for other ways to earn money for exam fees? Check out the RaiseRight Program.

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