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Leadership & Committees

LHS IBPA Leadership

Board Officers

Chair: Ann Koerner  

Secretary: Kim Hughes

Treasurer: Carolyn Last

Treasurer Oversight:

Mettet Karpinski

Fundaising: Michele Short & Mettet Karpinski

Lakewood High​



Joann Guisto


Ana Schultz



Jessica Seybold

Social Media:

Rebecca Katzer & Deanna Benzenberg


Staff Appreciation/Hospitality​

We love our Lakewood teachers and staff! What a great and easy way to show them how much we appreciate their dedication and commitment. The LHS - IBPA hosts Staff Appreciation events during the school year. We also provide refreshments for significant IB events, such as the IB Diploma Ceremony in January and various social events throughout the year.
Please contact the Staff Appreciation/Hospitality committee here: lakewoodibpa



Library Program

The LHS - IBPA coordinates the “Library After Hours” program, which allows LHS to keep the library open for ALL students from 3:15 to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday, throughout the school year. This program provides a safe place for students to go after school until they can catch a ride home, if they have no computer access at home and need to use a computer, or if they just need a quiet place to study.  One parent volunteer staffs the library each day. The volunteer simply provides an adult presence in the library and can easily read or do other work during the shift.  Volunteers can sign up for whatever days work for them; some volunteers work only 2 or 3 shifts during the entire school year, and some like to volunteer as often as once or twice a month. Volunteering in the library is a wonderful way to get a glimpse into high school life! 

Please contact the Library Program coordinator, 
Sheri Visani.



Lakewood High School’s International Baccalaureate program, chartered in 1999, has flourished to become one of Colorado’s largest and most successful IB programs. To attain an IB Diploma, students pursue rigorous curricula in all core academic courses, as well as foreign-language study in every year of high school. Each of these highly motivated students also writes an extended research paper working independently with a faculty adviser, completes written and oral exams, and prepares Internal Assessment projects in most core classes. IB students also contribute meaningfully to service-related volunteer activities each year. In 2009, the non-profit LHS - IB Parents Association established a scholarship fund for graduating IB seniors, starting with two $1,000 awards. The idea was so well received that the scholarship fund has continued to grow over the years.

​The LHS - IBPA is a 501(c)3 organization - Tax ID Number 46-1450238.
Please contact the Scholarship committee here: 
Scholarship Committee.



Exam Proctors

​All IB and AP exams take place in the first 3 weeks of May. In order to comply with testing regulations and to ensure that all exams are validated, our parent volunteers serve as proctors for each of the exams. Depending upon the exam, we need 2 to 10 proctors for the entire time. Typically, exams are either in the morning or the afternoon. Some may be approximately 2 hours long and some exceeding 4 hours. Each year, we need to fill about 150 proctor slots. Since parents may not proctor an exam their own child is taking, we need volunteers for all grades. Proctor duties include being present at the exam; helping set up by setting out exam papers just prior to exam; handing out paper, tissues, and pens during the exams and general monitoring of the classroom. Teachers will be responsible for reading instructions, answering student questions about the exams and timing. Since so many slots need to be filled, we’d really appreciate it if you can sign up for more than one exam. Sign up for specific proctoring spots begins in March and continues until all slots are filled.
Please contact the Exam Proctor coordinator here: 
Bretton Utz.


Senior Banquet

You’ve done it Seniors! Congratulations after 4 years of hard work and lots of sleepless nights!  Each spring, the LHS - IBPA hosts a beautiful banquet for IB seniors and their families. Senior students perform, present acknowledgements, and receive their honor cords. It’s a very special evening honoring the students, staff, and their parents. Volunteers are needed for planning and coordination the evening. You’ll need to meet with senior students and coordinate the program, mail invites, record RSVPs, populate seating charts, decorate, and check in our very honored families and guests.

​Please contact the Senior Banquet coordinators here: Amanda McCord-Icaza, Liz Schneringer


The LHS - IBPA is happy to partner with RaiseRight to help IB students and their families pay for IB and AP exam fees. Using RaiseRight to make everyday purchases is a quick and easy way to earn funds which can be applied to exam fees. Find our more here.

​Please contact the RaiseRight coordinator here:
Tara Sawinski.

King Soopers Rewards

The  LHS - IBPA is happy to partner with King Soopers Community Reward Program to help IB students and their families pay for the IB Exam fees.  Earning rewards towards your student's IB exam fees now is as easy as buying groceries at your neighborhood King Soopers!  Find out more here.

Please contact the  King Soopers Card coordinator here: LHS - IBPA King Soopers coordinator.

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